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GDP comes in stronger than expected; until you actually read the report
This morning the advance GDP for the first quarter was released showing 3.2% growth, much higher than expectations of 2.1%. That is the headline. It initially caused mortgage rates to move up this morning. However, that quickly reversed and are rates are now improving as markets take a deeper...
Mortgage rates rise on trade optimism
Mortgage rates coming under some pressure the past few days, consolidating some of our recent gains. Optimism of a trade deal with China and strong economic data are driving the increase.  This Friday we get all the March job/employment data. Because there has been so much talk about...
How low can they go?
How low can they go?  Rates are doing the Limbo and the bar keeps getting set lower after the Fed meeting yesterday where the Fed remains accommodative to the markets. The Fed lowered the outlook on rate hikes for 2019 to zero hikes, and 2020 to maybe one hike.  More importantly,...
No news is good news for mortgage rates
As we near the end of the first quarter for 2019, rates remain neutral.  There has been very little movement since the beginning of the year in mortgage rates.  Delays on the pressing issues are helping to keep rates unchanged.  The anticipated trade meeting with China has...