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As your Mortgage Broker, we have banks compete for your loan. We partner with lenders that offer a great customer experience and the best possible loan options giving you the absolute best customer experience.

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We work with your preferences to give you the absolute best mortgage experience. You can complete a secure application and upload documents right to our website.  You can also complete an application over the phone with us in just minutes.  We are also always available for in person appointments. 

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Uncertainty leads to opportunity for buyers
The Fed raised the Fed fund rate this week as expected by most of the market. Mortgage rates remained virtually unchanged on the news, staying at the best pricing we have had since September. The stock market is another story, as the Fed confirmed for stocks that it is no longer accommodating...
Mortgage rates improve as stocks slide
Markets were closed yesterday to honor the passing of our 41st president.   Sharing a quote from him regarding the government’s role with the economy in his honor. “In modern societies, freedom and democracy rely on economic liberty. A free economy is nothing...
Mortgage rates improve as the Fed changes it tone
Mortgage rates:  A shift is taking place with interest rates, so I wanted to give you a quick update on what is happening.  First, the Fed chair Powell made a subtle yet significant change in his tone to the markets.  The comment was brief, but it’s what the markets...
The stock markets impact on housing
Mortgage rates:  This rate update will be a little longer than normal, there is a lot to talk about. As November comes to a close, rates improved slightly over the month.  The volatility in stocks providing some support to hold mortgage rates at current levels. Also, concerns...

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